Enable Num Lock During Chrome Remote Desktop

Using Chrome Remote Desktop the Num Lock key goes out of sync.  This means if you turn the num lock OFF on your computer and you connect via Chrome Remote Desktop the num lock will be ON for your session.  If you turn num lock ON on your computer, it will be OFF on your remote session.

There is a free Windows App called Num Locker that will keep your num lock enabled at all times. This is a great fix for this issue with Chrome Remote Desktop. Download it from the link below.

NumLocker_v1.0.zip (451.4KB)

Windows 10 and Windows.OLD Disk Space

Windows 10 left a Windows.OLD folder to revert the machine back. That folder was chewing up 20+ GB of disk.

Microsoft claims you can remove it under the Windows cleanup, but no luck it would not delete the folder. Try deleting it as Admin, nope still cannot.

I came across a post that showed how to delete this stubborn beast via a command prompt. You have run the command prompt as admin. I keep a short-cut on my desktop to cmd.exe and to run it as Admin I right-click > run as admin.

  • Take Ownership: takeown /F C:\Windows.old\* /R /A
  • Modify Access Control: cacls C:\Windows.old\*.* /T /grant administrators:F
  • Delete Folder: rmdir /S /Q C:\Windows.old\