Android Disconnects from WiFi

I have an Acer Android Iconia Tablet A500 and it kept dropping the WiFi.  I wiped, reloaded it, applied the patch and nothing would fix it.

I was about to sent it in for repair. Then I noticed my HTC EVO 4G was doing the same thing!

Like many people it "seemed" like my Windows laptop did not have the issue. Really Windows handled it better and reconnected. Android would drop the the connection and disable it!

Solution: After some research the issue was that a new neighbor moved in and they had two routers both on channel 1. Guest what? My router was on channel 1. This caused some the Android O/S to get "confused" and it tried to connect to the neighbor's router and could not and the connect dropped.

Download inSSIDer and check out the channels your neighbors are using. Then go into your router and pick one that is not being used, or you can barely pick up from the other people living around you. You can also download a WiFi app for Android, but it is better to use the one for Windows if you can since it will keep the connection.