Find Largest Files in Windows

Recently I noticed my disk space was getting chewed up and had to recall the app I used in the past.  WinDirStats is a great app to find what is chewing up your hard drive space.  In the example below WebRoot virus scanner WRData folder has a lot of junk DBs (I opened a ticket with them) to get the fix.

Screen Shots of WinDirStats.

By Folder

By File Extension

TeamViewer Remote Control

I typically use Chrome Desktop to gain access to my computers. When I help out a friend I will use TeamViewer.

With TeamView you send your friend a link to the Instant Customer app at this link. They run the following app from the web page.  Or have them to go this link:

For you to connect download the full TeamView app at the same link show above. Then connect to your friend's computer by entering the partner id shown above. 

Set Max Width of all Images in a DIV

While building a jQuery plugin I did not want the users to load images that would cause an issue with a modal window.

There are two CSS classes below one for a DIV container, then any image in that DIV should have a max-width of no more than 98%.
.rs-modal-window { 
    border:2px solid #6A96B9;
    min-height: 180px;        
.rs-modal-window img {