SQLite unable to open database file or SQLite An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format

I had a SQLite database in an ASP.NET Web Forms project and it worked fine.  Recently I was using SQLite in an MVC5 project along with Ninject and I could not connect to the SQLite database.

After hours and stripping down the project to remove Ninject (which I thought was causing a conflict) it came down to two things.

1. Connection String for SQLite when coding Web Forms

In Web Forms I used the full path to the file.  If you try this in MVC you will get "sqlite unable to open database file"

HttpContext CTX = HttpContext.Current;
string DBFile = CTX.Server.MapPath(@"App_Data\TranslatorDB.sl3");

return Fluently.Configure()
 .Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<LangMap>())

2. Connection String for SQLite when using MVC

With MVC You have to use a connection string vs. the path to the file. Why at this point I am not sure but I spent enough time on this already.

string connectionString = @"Data Source=|DataDirectory|\TranslatorDB.sl3";

return Fluently.Configure()
 .Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<LangMap>())

3. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format: The last issue I had when opening the SQLite database was "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format."    I only hit this error when I was using Ninject.

I had to add a pre-build event in Visual Studio to use the x86 version of SQLite.

Copy “$(ProjectDir)bin\x86\SQLite.Interop.dll” “$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)SQLite.Interop.dll”

Force Visual Studio 2015 to Run with Administrator Privileges

On Windows 8 I have a short cut that runs Visual Studio with admin rights.  This is fine but if I click a Visual Studio Project or Solution VS will run without admin rights when opening a project. Then I will see something like "failed to load project user does not have rights to IIS metabase".

To get around this issue you can update the registry to always run Visual Studio as an admin.

Follow These Steps:
1. Run RegEdt32.exe
2. Create an entry for the current or all users by going to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
3. Right click under \Layers and add a new string value
4. Enter the path to Visual Studio on your machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe
5. Double click the new string value and add ~ RUNASADMIN under Value Data

Your enter should look like the following:
Now anytime your run Visual Studio or open a Project or Solution File you will be prompted "Do you want this application to make changes on your computer" click Yes and Visual Studio is running with Admin rights.

ASP.NET SQLite / NHibernate C# Demo

This is a simple / scaled down project that can be useful as an overview of NHiberate with SQLite access and to provide a project to play around with data access.
The project is setup with:
  • Boostrap
  • NHibernate
  • SQLite Database under App_Data. It also contains the backup of the original database.
  • One Customer Entity Class
  • One Customer Mapping Class
  • One Data Access Class: NHibernate Connection, Session, Selects, Saves, and Deletes
  • It also contains a script to freeze the GridView header as found on ASPSnippets.
The customer data in this app was generated by using GenerateData.com.