Oracle - Return Primary Key of Table After Insert

procedure prc_insert_data(IN_ID in number, ON_PK_VALUE_ID out number) is

     insert into MyTable (SEQ_ID)
end prc_insert_building;

ASP.NET - Expire Cookie When User Closes the Browser

I had a need for Site A to communicate a value to Site B on the same domain. I wanted to do this through a cookie and if the user closed Site A the cookie would expire.  This can be done by not setting a expiration date on the cookie. 
// Site A - Create a cookie with no expiration  
private void SetCoookieValue()
  HttpContext CTX = HttpContext.Current;
  var CookieValue = 'TEST';
  var CookieName = "MY_COOKIE";
  HttpCookie MyCookie = new HttpCookie(CookieName);
  if (CTX.Request.Cookies[CookieName] != null) MyCookie = CTX.Request.Cookies[CookieName];
  MyCookie.Value = CTX.Server.UrlEncode(CookieValue);
  //No Expiration - it will expire when the user closes the browser
  //MyCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddHours(8);
// Site B - Attempt to read the cookie in, 
// it should be gone after closing Site A
private string GetCookieValue(string cookieName, string itemName)
    var CookieName = "MY_COOKIE";
    var CookieValue = string.empty;

    HttpCookie myCookie = Request.Cookies[CookieName];
    if (myCookie == null) return "No cookie found";

    //If you added a key vs. the value in the cookie
    //CookieValue = myCookie[itemName].ToString();

    //Get the value of the cookie 
    CookieValue = Page.Server.UrlDecode(myCookie.Value.ToString());

Oracle - Extract Characters from String, Extract Date from Timestamp

Extract Characters from a string in Oracle using Regular Expression
function f_extract_string(in_position in number, iv_string in varchar2) return varchar2 is    
lv_retun_value varchar2(50);
        SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(iv_string,'[^,]+', 1,in_position)
        into lv_retun_value
        FROM DUAL;        
        return lv_retun_value;        
end f_extract_string;
Extract Date from Timestamp
function f_timestamp_to_date(iv_timestamp in varchar2) return date is    
  ldte_date date;

  select to_date(trunc(to_timestamp(iv_timestamp)))
  into ldte_date
  from dual;
  return ldte_date;          
end f_timestamp_to_date;