LINQ - Sample Queries - Source/App

Very cool sample code and app on MSDN or download the source below.

Run the project, and select the type of LINQ sample that you want to examine. Examine the options, and run each query that interests you. The output from the query and the source code is displayed on the interface of the application. (2.5MB)

ASP.NET - Expire Cookie When User Closes the Browser

I had a need for Site A to communicate a value to Site B on the same domain. I wanted to do this through a cookie and if the user closed Site A the cookie would expire.  This can be done by not setting a expiration date on the cookie. 
// Site A - Create a cookie with no expiration  
private void SetCoookieValue()
  HttpContext CTX = HttpContext.Current;
  var CookieValue = 'TEST';
  var CookieName = "MY_COOKIE";
  HttpCookie MyCookie = new HttpCookie(CookieName);
  if (CTX.Request.Cookies[CookieName] != null) MyCookie = CTX.Request.Cookies[CookieName];
  MyCookie.Value = CTX.Server.UrlEncode(CookieValue);
  //No Expiration - it will expire when the user closes the browser
  //MyCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddHours(8);
// Site B - Attempt to read the cookie in, 
// it should be gone after closing Site A
private string GetCookieValue(string cookieName, string itemName)
    var CookieName = "MY_COOKIE";
    var CookieValue = string.empty;

    HttpCookie myCookie = Request.Cookies[CookieName];
    if (myCookie == null) return "No cookie found";

    //If you added a key vs. the value in the cookie
    //CookieValue = myCookie[itemName].ToString();

    //Get the value of the cookie 
    CookieValue = Page.Server.UrlDecode(myCookie.Value.ToString());