Insight Meditation Mind Machine & Binaural Beats

We have removed our Insight Meditation Mind Machine & Binaural Beats app from Google Play.

Google required an application upgrade, and the platform we used to develop the app has been decommisioned.   We may rewrite the app in the future.  We are providing a link below to the last version that was released. You can install this on Android by allowing External Sources on your device.

Download Meditation_PRO.apk for Android.


PC Awake - Prevent Windows 10 from Sleeping / Screen Locking

There are tools such Mouse Jigglers that will keep Windows 10 from locking or going to sleep.  The drawback of Mouse Jigglers for Windows 10 is that, well your mouse is moving. 

This freeware utility I created called "PC Awake" will keep your Windows PC from locking or going to sleep without moving the mouse.  The PC Awake App also has a feature to stop after a certain number of hours, or never. This is great if you want your PC to remain unlocked while you are home or working, but when you are done it will automatically stop and allow your PC to sleep or lock as normal. 

There are similar products out there (paid and free) my goal was to make something simple and useful.  With some locking features with security in mind so that your PC will lock as normal after a period of time you set. 


  • Prevent Windows from Sleeping or Locking the Screen (for an hour or more)
  • Does not move your mouse pointer
  • Minimize to the System Tray
  • Does not interrupt your normal PC activities
  • Stop the process on demand 
  • Freeware

Screen Shots: 

Default Screen

Set to run for 1 hour

1 hour run time is up! (in this case I clicked stop to capture the screen shot, ignore the end time)

Download Links:  Note: These links are not a full installer. If there are errors running the app you may need to download .NET 4.8 at this link.


TypeScript Debugging on Chrome

When you run an application on localhost with Typescript you can debug Typescript vs. the generated JavaScript Files (but you must first compile TS).

  • Developer Tools
  • Sources
  • Control + P to bring up the search window
  • Find your TypeScript file and selected it. You can then add break points.