Syncfusion - Visual Studio Development Suite - FREE

I was looking at the amazing tool-set offered by Syncfusion.  I have been using DevExpress for years and always on the lookout for other tools.

Syncfusion offers an entire suite of tools that cover ASP.NET Forms, MVC, Mobile (IOS, Android, Xamarin, HTML5), Windows Forms, WPF, File tools (PDF, Excel, Word), Big Data. 

The AMAZING PART is if your company's revenue is under 1 Million this product is free to use and build applications!


How to Break out of ASP.NET Application_Error and redirect to a different page

A site I developed was getting the error: "A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&)."

This was due to how Google was indexing the pages on the site. The site is using Friendly URLs (meaning no ?Param= or &Parm=).  Then Google appended the following parameters (and other values) to the end of the URL: &ct=ga&cd=.

Since there was no ?Param= .NET saw the &ct=ga&cd= as a hack.  This lead me down the path of trapping that error in the Global.asax Application_Error handled. When the  "A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&)." error was thrown I wanted to redirect to the default home page.  

The problem was the redirect did not work and the site kept going back to the custom error message page. I then found by setting Server.ClearError() I could redirect to the home page. 
void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //... other code here....

    var Message = ex.Message.ToLower();
    var RootURL = Common.GetAppPathMasterPages() + "default.aspx";
    if (Message.Contains("does not exist") || Message.Contains("potentially dangerous request"))

Find Largest Files in Windows

Recently I noticed my disk space was getting chewed up and had to recall the app I used in the past.  WinDirStats is a great app to find what is chewing up your hard drive space.  In the example below WebRoot virus scanner WRData folder has a lot of junk DBs (I opened a ticket with them) to get the fix.

Screen Shots of WinDirStats.

By Folder

By File Extension