Generic Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core

Here are a couple of helpful examples on building a C# .NET Core Generic Repo.

In these patterns you must pass the model (or table) to the repo.  After working with this pattern and patterns that define the model in the repo, I prefer the latter.  This way you have intellense in the repo to list all the models. 

Sample 1: C# Core Repo code on MSDN by Sandeep Shekhawat 

Sample 2: A Truly Generic Repository by Chris Pratt (not the guy from Guardians)


Dependency Injection in ASP.​NET Core - a quick overview

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How to explain blockchain to your family

Give it to me in one sentence

Blockchain is all about storing and processing sensitive information – like financial transactions or voting records – on lots of different computers, rather than sticking it in all in one place.

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